About Us

Company History and Background

Kingdom Gourmet Foods was founded in April 2014. The owner simply enjoys cooking and has contributed various dishes, breads, and treats at international and multicultural events, birthday parties, bridal showers, church events, and other home gatherings, and has received high commendations. This experience constantly brought to memory her mother’s cooking, and inspired her to establish Kingdom Gourmet Foods to preserve her Mama’s Legacy of producing great-tasting wholesome foods using all natural ingredients, with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Our family recipes have been developed to perfection over the years to create African soups, stews, specialty breads, cookies, and sweet treats that are uniquely delicious, and will please everyone’s palate.

Mama (named Rose) was called home in January 2006, but her legacy lives on. She was a highly gifted, talented and industrious woman who placed a high value on education. She was a great cook and taught all her children, boys and girls alike, to cook. Mama’s mother passed away when she was only eight years old. She and her three sisters were raised by their maternal grandmother who also passed on three years later. The four girls were divided among two of their mother’s cousins living in different towns, one hundred and forty miles apart. At age 12, her foster mother told her to quit school and help to make and sell kenkey (a type of staple food made from corn). She did this for four years. One day, while she was selling from door to door, a kind lady asked her why she did not go to school. On hearing Mama’s story, the lady asked her whether she would be willing to go back to school if she paid her school fees. Mama answered in the affirmative, so the lady arranged with the foster parents for Mama to go back to school. She was placed in Form 1 (equivalent to 7th Grade) and four years later graduated Form 4 with Distinction, and top of her class. Mama’s love for education was shown further as she and our father (Dada), worked hard and put several children from our extended families through school apart from eight children of their own.

Many children in our world today have similar stories, or even worse ones. Kingdom Gourmet Foods was established to continue Mama’s legacy of great-tasting foods, and to remember her value for education. Therefore, the proceeds from the sale of Kingdom Gourmet Foods products go to help CITA Foundation provide educational opportunity and resources for underprivileged children, not only in Africa and other developing countries, but also in America and wherever underprivileged children exist.

Please visit www.citafoundation.org for more information.